Henrique Goncalves

Henrique Gonçalves

Security Specialist and Entrepreneur

Leadership | Security | DevOps | Programming | Networking | Cloud | Crypto

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About Me

Security Specialist with more than 8 years of deep technical and management experience developing, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures and high performance teams for fast growing startups mainly in the Banking industry.

Hobbies and passions include hacking in general, DIY, 3D printing, drones, electronics and acting.

Work and Life


Nubank Quanto Upwork ZAG by Accenture Pagar.me HPE

Hobbies and Passions

Star Trek Tolkien Lovecraft Avatar Interstellar Arduino


Steam Xbox Playstation StarCraft II World of Warcraft Doom Skyrim Kerbal Space Program Age of Mythology Age of Empires



Golang Python Clojure Rust NodeJS C Bash


IntelliJ Idea Vim VSCode Emacs

Cloud Providers

AWS GCP Azure Cloudflare


Ubiquiti pfSense OpenVPN


PostgreSQL CockroachDB MySQL Redis Vault


Elastic Grafana Prometheus

Virtualization, Containers and Orchestration

Docker Kubernetes Consul Rancher QEMU

Automation and Infrastructure as Code

Terraform Pulumi Ansible Selenium Chef

Hardware and IoT

Arduino Home Assistant ESPHome


Jenkins GitHub Actions CircleCI TeamCity Drone Tekton

Frameworks and Tools

GraphQL Django Flask Hugo Jekyll GnuPG

Operating Systems and Distros

NixOS Linux Arch Gentoo Ubuntu Debian CentOS Fedora macOS Windows

Noteworthy Public Projects


A set of modules to provide at-glance information, focused on Sway and WayBar.


Generate, validate and send CEF events .

Python Deprecated

Script suite to parse financial transactions from brazilian bank and benefit accounts, including support (when applicable) for interest fees and overdraft limits, besides account metadata and account holder information, when available. Now deprecated, please use https://quan.to.


An small utility to automate the download of OS ISO images for safekeeping on a server.

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