Chloe AI Assistant

Chloe AI Assistant

Chloe is a powerful AI Assistant written in Go that leverages OpenAI technologies (ChatGPT, Whisper, and DALL-E) along with Google’s Text-to-Speech engine to provide versatile and comprehensive assistance.

It offers multiple interfaces and utilizes the Chain of Thought approach to understand and respond to complex instructions.


  • Use Chain of Thought to determine actions, falling back to standard completion if no action is found
  • Scrape websites to have them on its context
  • Search Google for information
  • Perform calculations
  • Use Google’s Text-to-Speech engine to speak
  • Use OpenAI’s DALL-E to generate images
  • Automatically summarizes messages in order to have a longer context
  • Automatically moderates message using OpenAI’s moderation endpoint

Due to the Chain of Thought approach, Chloe can also be extended with additional capabilities by simply adding new actions.

Supported Interfaces

Check the repository to get started!

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